Ariana Grande Sweetener World Tour
Ariana Grande Sweetener World Tour


In order to provide the smoothest entry and safest experience for fans attending the Ariana Grande concert at Capital One Arena Monday, March 25, the tour has announced a clear-bag policy among other security measures for the show.

  • ONLY BAGS THAT ARE 100% CLEAR WILL BE ALLOWED. Example of allowable bags 
  • Each fan may carry only one bag.
  • All bags must be made of clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC. One-gallon sized clear plastic freezer bags are also permitted.
  • All belongings must be individually placed in the clear bag and cannot be placed in additional bags within.
  • Bags must not exceed the following dimensions: 12”x 6”x 12”
  • If you have a medically necessary item, it will be permitted after a thorough inspection. Please make security aware as you enter the facility.  
  • Also please note: NO cameras or Recording Devices are permitted. (Cell phones with cameras ARE permitted.)

All guests are subject to search prior to entry.  Staff will visually conduct, bag and metal detection inspections to detect prohibited items to ensure the safety of all guests. Below are tips for expedited entry to Capital One Arena.

  • Guests are encouraged to arrive early.
  • Open jackets and remove hats before walking through the magnetometer.
  • Remove the following items from pockets – metal objects, keys, phones, and electronic devices.

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Ariana Grande Sweetener World Tour